About This Site

Acne - it is unpleasant, sometimes truly depressing and even hiding or covering it up just does not quite get you there.


The causes are, well, still somewhat of a mystery, but science has gone a long way to explain the causes of the acne condition. Understanding helps curing.


Because people are different, not every treatment is for every user, so doing some studying on which cure may be best for you may go a long way of minimizing or eliminating the acne problem you or someone you care about has.


This site is dedicated on providing information on the causes and the treatment of acne.



Acnes Causes

  1. Oil Production


The most typical appearence of acne is on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. This can be due to fact that these areas of your body have the most oild glands. (Read More)


  1. Dead Skin Cells


due to excess production of sebum and dead skin cells, a built up can occur in the hair follicies. Because sebum and dead skin cells form a soft plug bacteria can thrive. (Read More)


  1. Clogged Pores and Bacteria


The combination of clogged pores and infection with bacteria produces inflammation and acne. (Read More)






Acne Treatment

There are different types of acne treatment that are currently available. Some of them are home remidies, over the counter treatments, or prescription acne medications.