Acne Treatment

There is not one treatment for all. Treatment types depend on gender, age and type of acne. So before you treat acne, make sure you do your homework and research.


One of t he main distinctions with acne is whether you have mild, moderate or a severe type of acne. While there may be one drug or cure, help can also come from combining various methods, including a diet plan that is adjusted for your specific needs. 


Treatment methods vary from attempting to cure acne from the outside, for example with lotions, gels or chemical substances, or from the inside, by the intake of drugs.


One of the things this site promotes is keeping a diary of the food you are eating or drinking and writing down/analyzing the effect of your eating and drnking habits on your skin. More than any other method, this type of trial and error will show you if food is causing your problems, and, if yes, which type of food it is. Eating chocolate, for example,can cause or worsen acne.